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Exceeded expectations in North Carolina… $28,500.00 in Business Revenue Financing!,24 Jul 2019 in News & Updates

Exceeded expectations in North Carolina… $28,500.00 in Business Revenue Financing!

How to Easily Get a Business Loan… Even with Bad Credit!,01 Mar 2016 in Small Business Consulting

How to Easily Get a Business Loan… Even with Bad Credit!

What is Geofencing Marketing?,03 Mar 2021 in News & Updates

Imagine you’re walking in a mall and receive a Starbucks coupon on your smartphone. You look up to see a Starbucks shop. This scenario may encourage you to visit the outlet, learn about the promo, and use the coupon.  With geofencing marketing, or location-based marketing, this convenient strategy turns into a reality.  How can you […]

What is Livestream Shopping?,03 Mar 2021 in SEO Agency For Small Businesses

Traditional, physical retailers are great at customer service. They can focus on the specific needs of a handful of shoppers at a time, answering their questions and providing bespoke recommendations until browsers are ready to buy. On the other hand, e-commerce stores have a much broader reach than their brick-and-mortar peers. There’s basically no limit […]

New comment by nlakin in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (March 2021)",03 Mar 2021 in News & Updates

Voltus | Full Stack/Backend/Data/Design | Remote | Full-Time We are a team of engineers and energy experts working to get our customers paid for using less energy. Our customers are energy consumers (factories, skyscrapers, warehouses, steel mills…) who will commit to curtailing their demand on a signal from us. We aggregate those “curtailable” buildings into […]

New comment by dovin in "Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (March 2021)",03 Mar 2021 in News & Updates

I work with research-focused organizations to make their data accessible. Specialties include: – assembling data necessary for model building – deploying infrastructure for researchers to collaborate – surfacing data on dashboards or notebooks – systematizing one-off scripts or ad-hoc processes I offer free 1-hour consultation sessions to talk about how you’re using your data. Get […]

Laylo Is Hiring a Senior Front End,03 Mar 2021 in Resources

Laylo is building a platform to connect content creators and artists with their biggest fans. We work with the world’s largest record labels and brands to provide communication, marketing and messaging tools to content creators. We’re expanding our team to provide these tools to millions of creators around the world. You will be taking on […]

KeyDB (YC S20) Is Hiring a Full Stack Developer,03 Mar 2021 in Resources

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5 Ways to Get a Business Loan to Buy a Business,02 Mar 2021 in Resources

Getting a loan to buy and existing business is a somewhat different animal than getting a regular business loan.  There are plenty of options, but it can take some careful consideration and research to figure out which option will work best for you.  What’s your best option for a business loan to buy a business?  […]

Get in the Fast Lane with Fleet Credit,02 Mar 2021 in Resources

What is Fleet Credit? How Can it Help a Business? To understand fleet credit, you need to understand business credit first. Business Credit Business credit is credit in the name of a business. When built correctly, it has no relationship to an owner’s personal credit. This is the case even if a business has but […]

Trading Stocks Online– Dabbling in Stocks as a Career,02 Mar 2021 in SEO Agency For Small Businesses

Many thanks to the flourishing markets, there is a high surge in the variety of individuals getting in the globe of supplies. Generally, individuals that are not accustomed with the subtleties of trading supplies are additionally leaping the bandwagon. Naturally, they look for the aid of a traditional supply broker or perhaps well wishers that […]

New comment by rodrigoqribeiro in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (March 2021)",02 Mar 2021 in Resources

Location: Brasil Willing to relocate: Such is not to be expected, but maybe for the right team Technologies: Oil, drilling, electrical engineering, solar, robotic Resume/CV:!AgnIeznAxSUHg3A1l0K9T0vq-D7_?e=pvGZSL Portfolio/Website: