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New comment by whilst_true in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (February 2021)"

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Aura | Senior Frontend Engineer | Remote, Boston | Full Time

Currently the biggest competitor to LifeLock, my company Aura ( is taking a big step this year by releasing our flagship product — a unified security suite bundling our industry-leading services such as identity theft protection, cross-platform VPN, personal data masking, and more. The suite is built with React/Redux and interfaces with our in-house platform of AWS services. We’re looking for an experienced Frontend Engineer to bolster our team as we sprint towards our public release.

You’ll be a good fit if…

– You have 3+ years experience developing large scale products using frontend technologies such as React, Redux, Javascript ESNext, CSS/SCSS, Webpack/Rollup, Node.js

– You have hands-on experience architecting global stores (via Redux, MobX, or React Context) with complex data models and can articulate how you solved problems like caching, pagination, etc

– You’ve configured bundlers like Webpack and can give examples of optimizations you’ve made
– Accessibility and test-driven development come second-nature to you and are baked into your workflow

– You live by metrics such as First Contentful Paint, Time To Interactive, and First input Delay and can explain why they are important

You’d be a great fit if you also…

– Have experience developing reusable and accessible component libraries

– Can spin up and modify AWS services with Terraform

– Have previously built integrations with Content Management Systems

– Have working experience with ‘Martech’ tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

You can apply through our job board at… or DM me

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